IBM Japan

Social Media Program for B2B


To create a social media program that drives awareness of IBM mainframe server. IBM’s mainframe, which has a history spanning over 50 years, has technologically evolved throughout the years along with mobile and some of the latest programming languages, yet often has a negative, somewhat legacy technology image.
HAVAS was asked to help change this image, targeting 2 core audiences; “ex-infrastructure engineers with a negative perception of mainframes” as well as “young employees working in the IT industry”.
That said, “Young employees working in the IT industry” was a very new and different target for IBM and therefore we needed to look into and understand what type of messaging would work and resonate with these 2 quite different audiences.


Utilizing “Twitter AD” and “Tumblr” we developed a message validation plan based on target needs and IBM’s USPs. Through implementing over 20 different versions of messaging, from product focused specification messages to images of the products value, we were able to analyze the data in real time, optimize messaging through PDCA and complete the validation project within 6 weeks.


We clarified direction in regards to messaging through social media testing enabling a clear, verified and strategic next steps for IBM Mainframe. Clear communication planning objectives are now able to be set, especially in regards to appropriate campaign copy and touch point planning to ensure a high impact and efficient marketing communications plan.
This project was also highly evaluated and showcased in the media especially by Tumblr Japan as an innovative way to use their platform.

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Tumblr "IBM Mainframe Blog"